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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Directors of Study

Directors of Study can help you plan your course structure or sort out problems with clashes, assessment and access to resources.

You may wish to see them in person for more complex issues, but you can also email them, or use the enquiry form below.

100-level Stats

Director of Studies: Dr Tilman Davies

Contact him regarding 100-level Stats papers, such as:

  • “Should I take Stat110 or Stat115?”
  • “I am a Health Science student, can I be exempt from Stat115?”
  • “Can I combine Stats with other subjects?”

200-300 Stats

Director of Studies: Dr Matthew Schofield

Contact her regarding 200- and 300-level Stats papers, as well as course programmes for the ordinary degrees and advice about combining Statistics with other subjects.

Honours Stats

Director of Studies: Professor Martin Hazelton

Contact him if you are thinking of taking Honours Statistics. He will provide advice about which papers to take, how many points you will need, whether you can do a joint Honours programme, and so on.

Postgraduate Stats

Director of Studies: Professor Martin Hazelton

Contact him about postgraduate study in Statistics. He is the adviser for postgraduate degrees (MSc and PhD) and diplomas (e.g. PGDipAppStat).

Enquiry form

You can also contact the Department by using this online form.