Te Tari Pāngarau me te Tatauranga
Department of Mathematics & Statistics


The Department has a well‐established tutorial system that gives students an opportunity to ask for assistance with course materials. All papers have tutorials on a weekly basis, with larger courses having more than one time that students can attend, either streamed or using a cafeteria‐style system.

We also provide more specialised support for students as described here:

Disabilities issues, equal opportunities issues

Difficulties and disabilities: We encourage students to seek support if they find they are having difficulty with their studies due to a disability, temporary or permanent impairment, injury, chronic illness or deafness. Leanne Kirk acts to advise and advocate on behalf of students with disabilities and provides additional support in conjunction with the University’s Disabilities Office.

Contact: email, room 201, tel 479-7759

English for speakers of other languages

The Department offers special assistance for students whose primary language is not English through sessions run by Austina Clark.

Contact: email, room 117, tel 479-7757

Maori students

Phillip Wilcox is the Department’s contact person (Kaiāwhina). Students are also reminded of the University’s Maori Centre which offers support for Maori students in the form of extra tutorials, study skills seminars and help with exam preparation. One or two of our senior students are usually hired by the Maori Centre as tutors each semester.

Contact: email, room 221, tel 479-7771

Enquiry form

You can also contact the Department by using this online form.