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Department of Mathematics & Statistics
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Dr Austina Clark

Office: Science III, room 117
Phone: 479-7757

Research interests

My interest in ecological and biological statistics started before I began my PhD studies, resulting in my thesis “Spatial designs for field experiments”. Since then I have accumulated a lot of design experience through consulting work for Ecology and Marine Sciences postgraduate students and staff.

Experimental data often involve missing and/or dependent values, even with perfectly planned designs. In this case, standard statistical methods should not be applied. My research focus has been to plan appropriate designs and develop methodology to handle messy and incomplete data.

In 2009, I revisited Prof A Chao in Taiwan to further learn and develop computer software and use it to find species richness in a single community as well as shared species in two or more communities. Currently I am developing and apply these methods further to assess the quantity and similarity of species richness.

Selected publications

  • C M McGoverin; A S S Clark; S E Holroyd and K C Gordon, Raman spectroscopic quantification of milk powder constituents. Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 673(1), 2010, 26-32
  • C M McGoverin; A S S Clark; S E Holroyd and K C Gordon, Raman spectroscopic prediction of the solid fat content of New Zealand anhydrous milk fat, Analyst, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009 (1), 29-38.
  • A Clark; J van der Meer; C van Koten, Using institutional data to learn more about completion factors at one New Zealand University. Journal of Institutional Research 14(1), 2008, 66-85.
  • Austina S S Clark; Erin Zydervelt; Stephen R Wing, Modelling count and growth data with many zeros, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 365 2008, 86-95.
  • Yang, H; Huggins, R; Clark, A, Estimation of the size of an open population using local estimating equations : a semi-parametric approach, Biometric 59, June 2003, 365-374.