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Department of Mathematics & Statistics
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Assoc Prof Mik Black

Office: Biochemistry
Phone: 479-7831

** Based in Department of Biochemistry. Mik supervises students in Statistics, Genetics and Biochemistry. **

Research Interests

Mik's research focuses on the development and application of statistical methods for the analysis of data from genomics experiments, with a particular emphasis on the genomics of human disease.

Mik is also involved in the provision of high performance computing tools for the NZ research community via the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI), and the development of a national genomics infrastructure through New Zealand Genomics Ltd (NZGL).


Recent publications (2013-2014)

  • Cadzow M., Boocock J., Nguyen H.T., Wilcox P., Merriman, T.R., Black, M.A. (2014) A bioinformatics workflow for detecting signatures of selection in genomic data. Frontiers in Genetics 5:293.
  • Nguyen H.T., Merriman, T.R., Black, M.A. (2014) The CNVrd2 package: measurement of copy number at complex loci using high-throughput sequencing data. Frontiers in Genetics 5:248.
  • Kenny L.C., Black, M.A., Poston, L. et al. Early pregnancy prediction of preeclampsia in nulliparous women, combining clinical risk and biomarkers; the SCOPE international cohort study. Hypertension. Accepted for publication May 2014.
  • Ahmadi, O., Stringer, M.D., Black, M.A., McCall, J.L. (2014) Influence of age and site of disease on lymph node yield in colorectal cancer. New Zealand Medical Journal (6/6/14: Epub ahead of print).
  • Tannock, G.W., Taylor, C., Lawley, B. et al. (2014). Altered Transcription of Murine Genes Induced in the Small Bowel by Administration of Probiotic Strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 80(9): 2851-2859.
  • Batt, C., Phipps-Green, A. J., Black, M. A., Cadzow, M., Merriman, M. E., Topless, R., et al. (2013). Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption: a risk factor for prevalent gout with SLC2A9 genotype-specific effects on serum urate and risk of gout. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (11/9/13: Epub ahead of print).
  • Cappello, S., Gray, M. J., Badouel, C., Lange, S., Einsiedler, M., Srour, M., et al. (2013). Mutations in genes encoding the cadherin receptor- ligand pair DCHS1 and FAT4 disrupt cerebral cortical development. Nature Genetics, 45(11):1300-8130.
  • Roberts, R. L., Wallace, M. C., Wright, D. F. B., Cadzow, M., Dalbeth, N., Jones, P. B., et al. (2013). Frequency of CYP2C9 polymorphisms in Polynesian people and potential relevance to management of gout with benzbromarone. Joint, bone, spine : revue du rhumatisme. (7/8/13: Epub ahead of print).
  • Trevarton, A. J., Mann, M. B., Knapp, C., Araki, H., Wren, J. D., Stones- Havas, S., Black, M.A., Print, C.G. (2013). MelanomaDB: A Web Tool for Integrative Analysis of Melanoma Genomic Information to Identify Disease-Associated Molecular Pathways. Frontiers in oncology, 3, 184.
  • Nguyen, H.T., Merriman, T.R., Black, M.A. (2013) CNVrd, a read-depth algorithm for assigning copy-number at the FCGR locus: Population- specific tagging of copy number variation at FCGR3B. PLoS One 8 (4), e63219.
  • Nagalla, S., Chou, J.W., Willingham, M.C., Ruiz, J., Vaughn, J.P., Bergh. J., Lash, T.L., Hamilton-Dutoit, S.J., Black, M.A., Miller, L.D. (2013). Interactions Between Immunity, Proliferation and Molecular Subtype in Breast Cancer Prognosis. Genome Biology. Accepted for publication 12 March 2013.
  • Butler, M.I., Stockwell, P.A., Black, M.A., Day, R.C., Lamont, I.L., Poulter, R.T.M. (2013) Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae from Recent Outbreaks of Kiwifruit Bacterial Canker Belong to Different Clones That Originated in China. PLoS ONE 8 (2), e57464.
  • Sawaya, S., Bagshaw, A., Buschiazzo, E., Kumar, P., Chowdhury, S., Black, M.A., Gemmell N. (2013) Microsatellite Tandem Repeats Are Abundant in Human Promoters and Are Associated with Regulatory Elements. PLoS ONE 8 (2), e54710.