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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

STAT498 Special Topic

Second Semester
20 points
Not available in 2022

The Special Topics paper covers advanced material not included in the normal offerings, and is offered as demand warrants. The most recent Special Topics paper was in Bayesian Data Analysis (2020 and 2021), linked to the STAT371 paper (for more details, see the STAT371 page).


By permission




Varies: example below for most recent offering.

Final mark

Your final mark F in the paper will be calculated according to this formula:

F = 0.15A + 0.15T + 0.10P + 0.60E


and all quantities are expressed as percentages.

Linked paper 2020, 2021: STAT371: Bayesian Data Analysis

STAT498 in 2021 will comprise the material from STAT371 plus an independent project and presentation. The project will take approximately 60 hours to complete, and will comprise background reading, developing an advanced Bayesian model, and putting it all together in a report and presentation. It will represent 10% of the overall grade, with the final grade determined by 5 Assignments (15%), Test (15%), Project (10%) and Exam (60%), or F = 0.15A + 0.15T + 0.10P + 0.60E. A minimum score of 50% on the project is required in order to pass the paper, as well as the minimum 40% on assignments and 40% on exam required for STAT371.

While we strive to keep details as accurate and up-to-date as possible, information given here should be regarded as provisional. Individual lecturers will confirm teaching and assessment methods.