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Department of Mathematics & Statistics
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Ben Wilks

Studying for Doctor of Philosophy

Area of study:
Rainbow Trapping in Water Waves

Supervisor: Fabien Montiel



Title: Rainbow Trapping in Water Waves

Supervisors: Fabien Montiel (Department of Mathematics);

Sarah Wakes (Department of Mathematics)

Previous Degrees:

  • BSc Mathematics (University of Otago)
  • BSC(Hons) Mathematics (University of Otago)
  • MSc in Mathematics (University of Otago)

My research is focused on the scattering of linear water waves by arrays of thin vertical barriers. In particular, I am interested in how varying the properties of these arrays of barriers affects the transmission of incident waves at different wavelengths. My goal is to improve the understanding of rainbow trapping in water waves, which is the phenomenon where broadband wave signals are slowed and spatially separated into their spectral components. A potential application of this project is the design of effective coastal breakwaters.