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Impairment and disabilities

If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for Info420

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2022 S2 Assignments and Tutorials

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Assignment 1 (rmd file)6 K  
Assignment 1 solutions (pdf file)204 K  
Assignment 1 solutions (rmd file)8 K  
Assignment 27 K  
Assignment 2 solutions (pdf file)240 K  
Assignment 2 solutions (rmd file)13 K  
Assignment 37 K  
Assignment 3 solutions (pdf file)389 K  
Assignment 3 solutions (rmd file)13 K  
Assignment 46 K  
Assignment 4 solutions (pdf file)290 K  
Assignment 4 solutions (rmd file)12 K  
Assignment 54 K  
Tutorial 1 (pdf file)139 K  
Tutorial 1 (rmd file)6 K  
Tutorial 1 solutions (pdf file)185 K  
Tutorial 1 solutions (rmd file)7 K  
Tutorial 2 (pdf file)130 K  
Tutorial 2 (rmd file)3 K  
Tutorial 2 solutions (pdf file)171 K  
Tutorial 2 solutions (rmd file)5 K  
Tutorial 33 K  
Tutorial 3 solutions (rmd file)6 K  
Tutorial 47 K  
Tutorial 4 solutions12 K  
Tutorial 53 K  
Tutorial 5 solutions6 K  
Tutorial 66 K  
Tutorial 6 solutions8 K  
Tutorial 73 K  
Tutorial 7 solutions pdf402 K  
Tutorial 7 solutions9 K  
Tutorial 86 K  
Tutorial 8 solutions pdf309 K  
Tutorial 8 solutions11 K  
Tutorial 94 K  
Tutorial 9 solutions pdf345 K  
Tutorial 9 solutions7 K  
Tutorial 109 K  
Tutorial 10 solutions pdf442 K  
Tutorial 10 solutions16 K  
Tutorial 117 K  
Tutorial 11 solutions pdf410 K  
Tutorial 11 solutions10 K  

2022 S2 Data

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AKI dataset15 K  
banknote8 K  
Baseball data set9 K  
Bodyfat dataset1 K  
Climate Sim Crash245 K  
clustering demo1 K  
data cheese1 K  
data sparrows2 K  
Esophageal cancer data1 K  
ibm dataset2 K  
life dataset2 K  
moons1 K  
NintendoConsoleSales2 K  
nzexport dataset1 K  
nz housing dataset5 K  
NZIncomes11364 K  
poly8 K  
power1 K  
radio carbon1 K  
Tutorial 1 dataset75 K  
Tutorial 2 dataset2 K  
Tutorial 3 dataset1 K  
Tutorial 5 data1 K  
zip test1982 K  
zip train14173 K  

2022 S2 Information

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Schedule46 K  

2022 S2 Lecture handouts

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Lecture 1248 K  
Lecture 2 Regression425 K  
Lecture 3 ANOVA197 K  
Lecture 4 ANOVA as Regression308 K  
Lecture 5 Interaction408 K  
Lecture 6 Model building160 K  
Lecture 7 Logistic regression509 K  
Lecture 8 Logistic regression 2272 K  
Lecture 9 Time Series655 K  
Lecture 10 R and Simulation400 K  
Lecture 11 Sampling and Uncertainty573 K  
Lecture 12 PCA860 K  
Lecture 13 Clustering497 K  
Lecture 14 Classification1658 K  
Lecture 15 Smoothing and Splines823 K  
Lecture 16 GAM937 K  
Lecture 17 Penalised Regression888 K  
Revision Lectures 1-6227 K  

2022 S2 Lecture slides

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Lecture 1252 K  
Lecture 2 Regression432 K  
Lecture 3 ANOVA200 K  
Lecture 4 ANOVA as Regression315 K  
Lecture 5 Interaction414 K  
Lecture 6 Model building161 K  
Lecture 7 Logistic regression515 K  
Lecture 8 Logistic regression 2275 K  
Lecture 9 Time Series671 K  
Lecture 10 R and Simulation410 K  
Lecture 11 Sampling and Uncertainty589 K  
Lecture 12 PCA873 K  
Lecture 13 Clustering508 K  
Lecture 14 Classification1679 K  
Lecture 15 Smoothing and Splines840 K  
Lecture 16 GAM945 K  
Lecture 17 Penalised Regression903 K  
Revision Lectures 1-6207 K  

2022 S2 Lecture slides annotated

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Lecture 1 annotated3018 K  
Lecture 2 annotated12941 K  
Lecture 3 annotated3593 K  
Lecture 4 annotated6154 K  
Lecture 5 annotated8453 K  
Lecture 6 annotated3204 K  
Lecture 7 annotated10025 K  
Lecture 8 annotated8532 K  
Lecture 9 annotated1545 K  
Lecture 10 annotated601 K  
Lecture 11 annotated1797 K  
Lecture 12 annotated2087 K  
Lecture 13 annotated2285 K  
Lecture 14 annotated3694 K  
Lecture 15 annotated2846 K  
Revision Lectures 1-6 annotated1134 K  

2022 S2 Resources

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Computing overview (pdf file)228 K  
Computing overview (rmd file)15 K  
R cheat sheet202 K  
R Markdown reference533 K  

2022 S2 Test and Exam

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Practice test121 K  
Practice test with solutions136 K  
Test front pages272 K  
Test solutions260 K  

Private Tutoring for 2022

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Download the list of private tutors

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