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Impairment and disabilities

If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for Stat110

R software

Stat110 makes use of the statistics package "R". This is Open Source software, freely available to install and redistribute.
This software is available on the Student Virtual Desktop, and in our computer labs. See our guide for installing R and RStudio.

NOTE: The Maths & Stats department cannot provide technical support for software installed on students' personal computers.


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2022 Announcements and messages

Email: Addtional Numeracy level 1 workshop1 K  
Email: Numeracy Level 1 workshops1 K  
Email: Numeracy Workshops this Week1 K  
Email: STAT1101 K  

2022 S1 Core Resources

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Basics Booklet225 K  
Course schedule (original)157 K  
Course schedule (updated)57 K  
Formulae Sheet158 K  
Intro 2 R466 K  
Lecture Slides44484 K  
Use of R for tests and exam48 K  

2022 S1 General Information

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FAQ's STAT110 Semester 1138 K  

2022 S1 R Files

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Birds.txt1 K  
boxing data - Lecture 421 K  
BPcode.R6 K  
BPdata.txt1 K  
Hair colour data set Lecture 41`1 K  
L43 child1 K  
L43 rat data1 K  

2022 S1 Tests

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Test 1 information42 K  
Test 2 information42 K  
Test 3 information44 K  

2022 S1 Zoom Information

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Download and Install Zoom4158 K  
How To Join A Meeting6343 K  
How to Share Screen6723 K  
Zoom details for drop in with Matthew Schofield71 K  
Zoom details for Friday tutorials94 K  
Zoom details for Monday tutorials109 K  
Zoom details for Tuesday tutorials107 K  
Zoom Instructions for STAT110 tutorials25 K  
Zoom Intro7164 K  

Private Tutoring for 2022

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Download the list of private tutors

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