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Resources for Stat311

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2022 Assignments

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STAT311 Assignment 170 K  
STAT311 Assignment 1 with solutions101 K  
STAT311 Assignment 2235 K  
STAT311 Assignment 2 - solutions244 K  
STAT311 Assignment 3833 K  
STAT311 Assignment 3 solutions843 K  
STAT311 Assignment 467 K  
STAT311 Assignment 4 solutions142 K  
STAT311 Study Design Assignment 5105 K  

2022 Case Studies

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STAT311 Coffee case study4238 K  
STAT311 Gout Case Studies2257 K  
STAT311 HIV case study1938 K  
STAT311 Ocean acidification case study6125 K  

2022 Course information

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2022 STAT 311 Design of Research Studies - Course outline116 K  
2022 STAT311 Lecture timetable -updated103 K  
2022 STAT311 Lecture timetable128 K  

2022 Exam

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2022 Exam STAT311 Front page47 K  
STAT311 Exam 2022 information62 K  

2022 Lecture Slides

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Lecture 2 - Gout Case Studies1816 K  
STAT311 Lecture 1 - Course intro1213 K  
STAT311 Lecture 1 Part 22632 K  
STAT311 Lecture 2a - HIV case study3889 K  
STAT311 Lecture 3a OA case study3382 K  
STAT311 Lecture 3b Coffee case study7140 K  
STAT311 Lecture 4 Research questions2097 K  
STAT311 Lecture 5 Research questions to aims643 K  
STAT311 Lecture 6 Types of Study designs 14195 K  
STAT311 Lecture 7 Types of study designs 21314 K  
STAT311 Lecture 8 Causation1924 K  
STAT311 Lecture 9 Causation and models1791 K  
STAT311 Lecture 10 Models 2499 K  
STAT311 Lecture 11 Principles of measurement1305 K  
STAT311 Lecture 12 Obtaining accurate measurements2923 K  
STAT311 Lecture 13 Surveys 1485 K  
STAT311 Lecture 14 Surveys 2497 K  
STAT311 Lecture 15 Surveys 32253 K  
STAT311 Lecture 16 Experiments 11993 K  
STAT311 Lecture 17 Experiments 21191 K  
STAT311 Lecture 18 Experiments 31877 K  
STAT311 Lecture 19 Randomised controlled trials656 K  
STAT311 Lecture 21 Experimental Designs in Forestry20110 K  
STAT311 Lecture 22 Prospective analytic studies1265 K  
STAT311 Lecture 23 Response selective designs2063 K  
STAT311 Lecture 24 Prediction studies2008 K  
STAT311 Lecture 25 Māori Research and Ethical Frameworks6184 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 26 Co-design Principles5069 K  
STAT311 Lecture 28 Research Ethics 11014 K  
STAT311 Lecture 29 Research Ethics 2490 K  
STAT311 Lecture 31 Evaluating the design 14730 K  
STAT311 Lecture 32 Evaluating the design 2935 K  
STAT311 Lecture 33 Evaluating the design 31486 K  
STAT311 Lecture 34 Evaluating the design 43603 K  

2022 References and additional (not required) reading

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Anglioni et al 2019 Cold brew coffee356 K  
Bates et al 2014 Surface ocean chemistry time series4444 K  
Bland logarithms29 K  
Boynton 2 bmj113 K  
Choi and Pak 2005401 K  
Cornwall et al 2013- Diurnal fluctuations493 K  
Fabricius et al 2011 CO2 vent coral595 K  
Flynn tomato assocn 2015549 K  
HIV and Frailty715 K  
HIV Prevalence Sth Africa 2018760 K  
Kagezi et al 2018 Coffee and climate change216 K  
Prevention of transmission of HIV651 K  
Roberts et al89 K  
Samoggia et al 2020 Functional needs, emotions and Coffee874 K  

2022 Research design projects

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2022 STAT311 Additonal hints and peer feedback plan69 K  
2022 STAT311 List of Projects89 K  
STAT 311 Group Project allocations35 K  
STAT311 Study design group project113 K  
STAT311 Tips for group work53 K  

2022 Test

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STAT311 OA case study for test757 K  
STAT311 Test 1 practice questions390 K  
STAT311 Test 1 practice questions with solutions484 K  
STAT311 Test help sessions9 K  
STAT311 Test information updated66 K  

2022 Tutorials

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2022 STAT 311 Group allocations68 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 1685 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 1 - notes92 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 295 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 3966 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 3 notes1049 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 46543 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 595 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 5 Question 2 notes61 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 6109 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 6 - notes102 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 876 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 8 - notes78 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 996 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 9 notes79 K  
STAT311 Tutorial 1168 K  
STAT311 Tutorial Zoom calendar link45 K  

2022 Zoom instructions

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STAT 311 Design of Research Studies Zoom instructions48 K  

Private Tutoring for 2022

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Download the list of private tutors

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