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Resources for Stat372

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2022 Assignments

Assignment 1131 K  
Assignment 1 Solutions137 K  
Assignment 2167 K  
Assignment 2 LaTex file9 K  
Assignment 2 Solutions159 K  
Assignment 384 K  
Assignment 3 solutions205 K  
Assignment 4144 K  
Assignment 587 K  
Assignment 5 LaTeX file4 K  
Assignment 5 solutions452 K  
Assignment 6149 K  
Assignment 6 LaTeX file9 K  

2022 Course Information

STAT372 Zoom Info33 K  
STAT372CourseInformation194 K  
STAT372Midterm2021163 K  
STAT372Midterm2021solutions208 K  
STAT372Midterm2022-FrontPage35 K  
STAT372Schedule202268 K  

2022 Data

Arsenic levels data set55 K  
Assign4gammahmm19 K  
circadian7 K  
crime15 K  
eq7-1900-20061 K  
globaleq7.txt8 K  
globaleq8.txt1 K  
neuronspikes0312 K  
New Orleans July rain data set1 K  
soap2 K  
stockUS1 K  
Swiss rainfaill data set23 K  
Swiss rainfall: area.l variable for predictions1 K  
taranakicata21 K  
ukacc7.txt2 K  

2022 Lab Practice

LabPractice solutions76 K  
Lab Practice152 K  

2022 Lecture Slides

Lecture 013026 K  
Lecture 02301 K  
Lecture 03241 K  
Lecture04-PoissonAssumptions254 K  
Lecture05-PoissonProcessApplication307 K  
Lecture06-GammaRenewalProcess289 K  
Lecture07-WeibullRenewalProcess409 K  
Lecture08-RenewalProcessesEstimation284 K  
Lecture09-RenewalProcessesApplication240 K  
Lecture10-MarkovChains207 K  
Lecture11-MarkovChains389 K  
Lecture12-MarkovChains270 K  
Lecture13-MarkovChains367 K  
Lecture14-HMMIntro3178 K  
Lecture15-HMMParamEstimate281 K  
Lecture16-HMMexamples271 K  
Lecture17-HMMmodelChecking243 K  
Lecture18-HMMApplication225 K  
Lecture19-Geostatistics454 K  
Lecture20-Geostatistics577 K  
Lecture21-Geostatistics710 K  
Lecture22-Geostatistics332 K  
Lecture23-Geostatistics569 K  
Lecture24-Geostatistics2194 K  
Lecture25-Geostatistics4149 K  
Lecture26-SpatialPointPatterns7770 K  
Lecture27-HomogPoissonProcesses4104 K  
Lecture28-InhomPoissonProcesses17541 K  
Lecture29-InhomPoissonProcesses25054 K  
Lecture30 KernelSmoothing5654 K  
Lecture31 Correlation13832 K  
Lecture32 Correlation22688 K  
Lecture33 Correlation35955 K  
Revision-midterm399 K  

2022 Lecture Slides Annotated

Lecture04-PoissonAssumptions-annotated409 K  
Lecture05-PoissonProcessApplication-annotated461 K  
Lecture06-GammaRenewalProcess-annotated434 K  
Lecture07-WeibullRenewalProcess-annotated538 K  
Lecture08-RenewalProcessesEstimation-annotated445 K  
Lecture09-RenewalProcessesApplication-annotated380 K  
Lecture10-MarkovChains annotated10223 K  
Lecture11-MarkovChains annotated4556 K  
Lecture12-MarkovChains annotated3621 K  
Lecture13-MarkovChains annotated3058 K  
Lecture14-HMMIntro-annotated3284 K  
Lecture15-HMMParamEstimate-annotated411 K  
Lecture16-HMMexamples-annotated385 K  
Lecture17-HMMmodelChecking-annotated363 K  
Lecture18-HMMApplication-annotated335 K  
Lecture19-Geostatistics-annotated5149 K  
Lecture20-Geostatistics annotated5247 K  
Lecture21-Geostatistics-annotated4316 K  
Lecture22-Geostatistics-annotated4633 K  
Lecture23-Geostatistics-annotated6531 K  
Lecture24-Geostatistics-annotated6588 K  
Lecture25-Geostatistics-annotated6150 K  

2022 R code

geoR Install1 K  
Plot Gamma & Weibull hazards5 K  
sojourn R function1 K  
STAT372functions13 K  

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