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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Impairment and disabilities

If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for STAT260

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2020 Assignments

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Assignment 13 K  
Assignment 1 Solutions5 K  
Assignment 24 K  
Assignment 2 Solutions6 K  
Assignment 34 K  
Assignment 3 Solutions5 K  
Assignment 4 (fixed)3 K  
Assignment 54 K  
Assignment 5 (with plot)177 K  

2020 Course Information

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Course Information120 K  
RstudioServer instructions337 K  
STAT260 Schedule53 K  

2020 Data

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AIS_260.csv12 K  
aki.csv28 K  
barley5 K  
bf219 K  
cps.csv15 K  
cps demo (lab 7)8 K  
cps employ (lab 7)8 K  
Diamonds data set (Lab 9)19 K  
Jan2018weather414 K  
Lecture 8 data 21 K  
Lecture 8 data 31 K  
Lecture 8 data1 K  
NO220 K  
scatter3.txt4 K  

2020 Labs

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Lab 15 K  
Lab 1 Solutions5 K  
Lab 23 K  
Lab 2 Solutions4 K  
Lab 33 K  
Lab 3 Solutions4 K  
Lab 44 K  
Lab 4 Solutions5 K  
Lab 53 K  
Lab 5 Solutions4 K  
Lab 64 K  
Lab 6 Solutions5 K  
Lab 74 K  
Lab 7 Solutions - FIX5 K  
Lab 84 K  
Lab 8 Solutions6 K  
Lab 93 K  
Lab 9 Solutions4 K  
Lab 102 K  
Lab 10 (with plots)224 K  

2020 Lectures

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Lecture 1279 K  
Lecture 2954 K  
Lecture 3646 K  
Lecture 42242 K  
Lecture 5228 K  
Lecture 6385 K  
Lecture 7241 K  
Lecture 7 - extra code625 K  
Lecture 8286 K  
Lecture 9593 K  
Lecture 10417 K  

Private Tutoring for 2020

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