Te Tari Pāngarau me te Tatauranga
Department of Mathematics & Statistics


How your work is assessed

Your performance in Mathematics and Statistics papers is assessed through a combination of tests, exercises, projects and examinations — the exact methods vary from paper to paper. All papers have some internally assessed component, which is designed to give you feedback along the way and to encourage you to work steadily through the whole course. Most of our papers use plussage — that means that internal assessment marks only get counted towards your final grade if they improve that grade.

The grades awarded on our papers are assigned as follows:

E failD failC -CC +B -BB +A -AA +

If you have questions about the methods of assessment used in particular papers, the relevant lecturer or Director of Studies will be happy to provide more information.


Plagiarism is representing another person’s work as your own. It demeans the person who plagiarises, cheats the person who is plagiarised, and cheats everyone else who has honestly submitted their own work. Don’t do it!

Plagiarism and other forms of cheating are treated very seriously by the Department and students suspected of any form of copying or cheating will have to justify their actions in the first place to the Head of Department and subsequently to the Assistant Vice-Chancellor.

Any dishonest practice occurring in the preparation or submission of any work (whether in the course of an examination or not) which counts towards the attainment of a pass in any subject, or of any dissertation, thesis, or other research exercise, shall be deemed to be dishonest practice in connection with an examination.

Plagiarism is a form of dishonest practice. Plagiarism is defined as copying or paraphrasing another’s work and presenting it as one’s own. (University Calendar)

Although we are happy for students to work together on weekly exercises, we insist that students write out their own work to be marked.

Strict observance of exam conditions is expected during all tests and examinations.