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50-year-old curiosities

JAGS implementation of Jolly(1965)9 K    8 Jan 2016

A model-based approach to climate reconstruction using tree-ring data

data84 K    10 Oct 2014

Continuous-time capture-recapture in closed populations

ctime R package11 K    11 Jun 2017

Flexible hierarchical mark-recapture modeling for open populations using WinBUGS

CJS2 K    14 Oct 2014
CJS continuous covariates4 K    14 Oct 2014
Density dependence3 K    14 Oct 2014
Multistate9 K    14 Oct 2014
Sex uncertainty4 K    14 Oct 2014

Full open population capture-recapture models with individual covariates

housefinch mar9 K    14 Oct 2014
housefinch nmar12 K    14 Oct 2014
meadowvole censoring17 K    14 Oct 2014
meadowvole raw8 K    14 Oct 2014

Hierarchical modeling of abundance in closed population capture-recapture models under heterogeneity

Grizzlies3 K    14 Oct 2014
SpinaBifida3 K    14 Oct 2014

Model fitting and evaluation in climate reconstruction of tree-ring data

Data and R code71 K    5 Jul 2017

Modeling individual specific fish length from capture-recapture data using the von Bertalanffy growth curves

JAGScodeRangitkeiLengthModels18 K    14 Oct 2014

PhD research

PhD thesis1035 K    21 Feb 2018


talk1273 K    20 Sep 2018
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